Sometimes I Work

While I’m living for the weekends when I have the chance to get out and explore this amazing state, I do, actually, work.

I’m through my second week and I’m getting adjusted pretty well. I was actually ready to get started with work after the week off to drive across the country – mostly because I do better when I have a schedule. The first few days were a lot of orientation, computer-based training things, learning protocols, and just getting a feel for how things are done; but now I’m up and running!

I’m in a small, community based hospital. There are a lot of differences between this place and the system that I was working for for the past 1.5 years. Not only the size of the hospitals, but the size of the caseload, the productivity requirements, the speed and the documentation.

To put things into perspective:

  • Back in Philly I was floating between 4 different hospitals with bed numbers from 220-350 beds per hospital. Here, there are 113 beds.
  • In Philly, I could be given a list of anywhere from 12-25 patients depending on the day/hospital/coverage. Here, I’m lucky if I get assigned more than 6-7 patients. We do pick up new consults as they come in and see post-op orthopedic patients day zero, so that adds to the list. But I’m still not seeing more than 7-8 patients a day.
  • The ICU here I would compare more to a step-down, or even a step-down from a step-down unit back in Philly. I’m grateful for the experience I got in Philly of being in a large ICU with trauma, but there isn’t quite any of that here.
  • They provide me with my scrubs! I come in to work wearing anything I want (aka yoga pants and, pick up a freshly cleaned pair of scrubs, and at the end of the day I drop them in a laundry bin. No bringing home nasty hospital scrubs?! Score.
  • The documentation is sort of from the stone ages. It’s all very open-ended which makes me type way too much and take too long to write my notes. Things are hard to find in the charts and some things that I was so used to being able to look up, aren’t even able to be found. So that’s been frustrating,  but I’m making it work.

All of my co-workers have been so great at helping me get oriented and that’s made the transition easier. I’ve been told horror stories of lack of orientation and being thrown to the wolves so this was a good surprise. Overall, I can’t complain. I’m doing something I love in a beautiful state that get to explore every weekend!


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